Cassey Scales // Creator of Texas Girl Glass Works

Cassey Scales // Creator of Texas Girl Glass Works

" I have no fear, I have only love" and much joy in creating and designing glass to share with others.


Texas Girl Glassworks started as a pottery project.  Let me explain...out of much sorrow, comes great joy. Ten years ago, my son left for a ten month volunteer project in California just after he graduated high school. Although I was very proud of his decision, and even encouraged it, nothing prepares you for your firstborn leaving home and going so far away. Did I mention that during this ten month absence, we could only see him one time?! Yeah, time to find a hobby to fill the sorrow even a full time job, my daughter and husband couldn't fill.  So, I found an art studio in my area and learned to throw pottery. After filling every available space with bowls and cups and giving much away to family and friends, enough was enough. It was time for a new hobby. Ten months is a long time and pottery throwing is not easy and I didn't find it relaxing, but it did open up my creative energy.  I took a glass class at the same studio and fell in love with the glass. I made more mistakes than successes at first, but I've improved over about seven years and now I've come into my own style of design. As with most of us, more sorrow came; way too personal to share, but in this sorrow I found God and he was waiting for me with open arms, gracing me with many blessings and joy. I sold lots of jewelry and gave away much to friends and family. I next began to "see" cross designs at church in the light displays during services. I would ask for forgiveness, sketch a quick idea down and come home and design crosses. After great success with this in 2013 and 2014, I began to branch out into dinnerware. The ideas flowed out of me as if they had been trapped in my mind for years.  When I had saved up enough money from my cross sales and help from my loving mother, I made my first large order of glass, but I couldn't press the submit button for two days because I was afraid of making a very expensive mistake. I prayed about it and finally pushed submit. That night, God spoke to me in my dreams and when I woke up, He had planted the name Texas Girl Glassworks in my heart. He knows what we pay attention to. Soon after that, I got my first large order of dinnerware from a good friend of my mom's and my dish ware was born!  

I am laid low in the dust, preserve my life according to your word.
— Psalms 119:25

It has been a long, sometimes painful journey, as it is for most of us. But in the end to quote Stevie Nicks, from Gypsie, " I have no fear, I have only love" and much joy in creating and designing glass to share with others. Psalm 119:25 says " I am laid low in the dust, preserve my life according to your word."  God is faithful, God is love and God is joy. I wouldn't be who I am and where I am without the sorrow that came with it. Enjoy browsing my creations. I'm sure there's more to come. He's not through with me yet. 

I am so very thankful to the following:  My husband, for 30 years of marriage, my mom, for her infinite support, my son, who keeps me in his heart, my daughter, for her wisdom, friendship and great photography skills (she took  all the photos for the website), my family, for their love and kindness, for my friends for their laughter, support and encouragement, for Kirby and all the friends at Quigglys for their hours of lessons learned and their own talents and lastly, for those souls at my church for their warrior-like prayers.  You ALL have made such a difference in my life. We are all connected and part of His great plan.